• Purchase Experience

    • My payment has been declined, what do I do?

      • Make sure you are adding the CVV and expiry date correctly.
      • Check with your bank and make sure your card is:
        • authorised for an online store,
        • international transactions, and
        • there is no maximum purchase limit on your card.

      • If you still face issues, please contact us and provide as many details as possible.

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    • The charge on my bank account is not the same as the website advertised. Have I been charged incorrectly?

      The price you see on the website is pre-tax. Tax will be applied to the order at the checkout. Foreign transactions credit card fees may apply in some jurisdictions. Please contact us if you have further questions.

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    • Do I have to pay sales tax?

      You will need to pay sales tax if you are located in a place where Pearson does business. Sales tax will be dynamically calculated and displayed during the checkout process.

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    • I am having technical issues while purchasing.

      • Clear your cache, cookie files and open a new browser.
      • Please make sure you remove the website link from your favourites and access the website from your browser directly.
      • Please also make sure you entered all the requested information for a purchase.
      • If this does not work, then please contact us and provide as many details as possible (including the screenshots and steps you took in the description).

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    • What should I do if I have not received my purchase confirmation email?

      • Make sure your order was completed and you landed on the order completion screen.
      • Make sure you check your spam, junk folder and add our confirmation email to the safe list.
      • If you have created an account as part of the purchase process, check your dashboard to see the details of your purchased test.
      • If you still have not received your confirmation email and you do not see your Readiness Test on the dashboard, please contact us.
    • What's the status of my order?

      If the order was placed as a guest, without being signed in, you can check on the order status here.

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    • When will my order ship?

      Digital products will be emailed immediately, after your order is processed and payment is received. Be sure to check your junk mail and spam folders for your order. If you have not received your digital products within 12 hours of purchase, please contact customer service for assistance.

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    • What's your refund policy?

      Versant Practice Tests are not returnable or refundable. If there was a problem with your test, contact us and we will do our best to assist.

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  • Test Experience

    • How do I take a Versant Practice Test?

      Taking a Versant Practice Test is easy!

      1. Check your inbox. We will send you test instructions and your unique Test Identification Number (TIN). If you can't find your email check your spam or junk folder.
      2. Get ready. Find a quiet room with no distractions. Gather your headset and review the technical requirements included in your email invitation.
      3. Take your test. Follow the instructions included in your email invite to get started. Listen and respond to test questions—do the best you can!

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    • What equipment do I need to take a Versant Practice Test?

      To take a Versant Practice Test you will need:

      1. A computer
      2. A headset or earbuds (for tests including speaking only)
      3. A stable internet connection

      Please refer to the 'System Requirements' tab on the product description page for more details.

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    • How do I check my score?

      Each test has a unique Test Identification Number (TIN). This is the number you will receive in your inbox and this also shows in the upper right corner of the test paper. After locating that number, go to the Test Score Lookup area of our website and click on "Get Score". Enter your Test Identification Number in the space provided to retrieve your score report.

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    • How do I download my score report?

      Once you identify your score - see information under "How do I check my score?" - you can download your score report by clicking on 'Print' and 'Save as PDF'.

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    • What does it mean that my test is unscorable?

      If you cannot see your overall score, typically it means something was not right with the speaking section of your test and that your recording was not clear enough. This happens when you have background noise in the recording, or you speak too softly and any other factor that can affect the quality of the recording.

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    • Can I retest on the same Test Identification Number?

      No. Once you make an attempt to use your Test Identification Number it cannot be used again.

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    • When is a TIN considered used?

      A test is considered used after you say your name. If you attempt to take the test again, you will receive an error message and will be unable to take the test.

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    • What other resources can I get to prepare for a Versant Test?

      A wide range of preparation materials is available on our Test Preparation page , including Official Test Guides for each of our Versant English tests that cover the types of questions you will be asked and tips for answering these questions. Our short, on-demand Exclusive Tips Clinic webinars are also available to learn insider tips and other information about the Versant tests.

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    • If I purchase the test more than once, will I receive different test questions?

      At this time, all of the practice tests are in a fixed format. This means that test questions do not vary from test to test. If you're interested in other ways to practice, please go to our Test Preparation page for additional resources.

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